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Day 4 - The Pen Company

My Garden Plus
Published by Andy Aird · 9 June 2020
So today i had the Pen ( i'll call them that for fear of repercussions) company on today.  Jeez their Sales reps must get breathing exercises or the lack of as they do not let you get a word in. they just talk!!  Like my big sis who breathes through her ears.  Luckily  my House phone ( remember them) the battery is a bit iffy and it cut them off.    so there we have it  a 30 min call to tell me abou the new excitig offers they have and trying to get me to sign up for more Giveaways that I wont be giving away as I am furloughed until further notice... And no sign of the Ent. business getting back to "normal"
Have a nice day!!  until the next time..

+44 7905 178779
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